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Spring water boxed at source


100% Recyclable.  Plant based cap.  Refillable.

Our Oceans are Choked in Plastic – Let’s Kick the Bottle and Choose the Box!

We understand that in order to make better choices, you need better options

That’s why we created Zebra Water! Same same but different.

Boxed water


Our BIO CAP box closure is plant based!  The box is 72% paper.  Trees are a renewable resource and serve as a barrier to climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Support Local


Zebra Water is proudly sourced and boxed in South Africa!

We may be small but we believe that our contribution can make for a cleaner planet.

Boxed water


A portion of our annual revenue is donated to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, a registered non-profit organisation focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned rhinos.

Water that turns ideas into actions

Everybody deserves better options

Zebra Water is available nationwide

Let’s make it easier for everyone to choose the box

We are working hard to make our boxed water available wherever you are.  Our customers help us every time they choose a box of Zebra Water.

Boxed water
Choose Zebra Water the next time you are thirsty
Boxed water
Request product information if you would like to stock Zebra Water
Boxed water

When you choose better, you inspire others!

Boxed Water with a Story – Change Yours

We know that our customers are on the look out for ways to become more conscious consumers.

That’s why we created Zebra Water.  Our boxed spring water offers a better way to drink water and enables us all to easily make a small change that can have a BIG impact.

Our oceans and landfills are choked in single-use plastic and this has a devastating effect on our planet.  We need more and more consumers to kick the bottle and choose the box.

Choose Zebra water and help us to inspire others to do the same!


Our Stand 

Long ago, a legendary Zebra made a stand so that all animals could enjoy a drink of water.

At Zebra Water, we are inspired to continue the story by taking our own stand.  By choosing to box rather than bottle, our carbon footprint on the planet is greatly reduced.